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ZOSO Flats
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Arlington, Virginia
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Ed Peete and Company
Project Description

ZOSO FLATS is located on a 1.14 acre, linear, greyfield lot, adjacent to a commercial street within a transit-oriented mixed-use urban district. The front of the site is across the street from a tall building and the rear abuts a single-family detached 1920’s neighborhood.

The overall aesthetic was to take the 400-foot long brick facade and carve out shapes from it, thus exposing an inner layer. The external layer is a rich, warm brick color, and the inner layer is a contrasting green metal.

The scale and design of the facades were influenced by the surrounding neighborhood. The building needed munumentality to address the 10-story apartment building across the street; this was achieved by creating openings in the exterior facade that are 3-stories tall. An appropriate transition in the rear to the smaller single-family neighborhood was created by reducing the building down to four stories and by inserting courts between the bays. The retail function orient toward the street, while the office and residential functions face the linear garden in the rear.

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Bronze Brick in Architecture
Brick in Architecture
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Christopher Lee Gordon Principal | Co-President Christopher Lee Gordon