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Boston, Massachusetts
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ReGEN Boston
About the Project

Salutoponics encourages healthy living and well-being for the multi-generational residents, the local community and all Bostonians through sustainable architecture, environmental and farming practices.

The building is carefully situated on a raised platform allowing protection of the wetlands. In addition, the footprint is built in en efficient and economical path that connects Condor Street to the main portion of the residences and school. The building envelope slopes away from Eagle Hill, accommodating the lower height of the existing neighborhood. The apartment units are designed to accommodate a diverse group of residents providing both privacy for individuals and public space for family gatherings. All units have balconies providing opportunities to connect with nature by accessing fresh air and views of the wetlands. Walkways wrap the entire development, encouraging people to take a leisurely walk, run or observe the natural surroundings. The residents always are in touch with nature, increasing their health and wellbeing.