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Sacramento Capitol Mall Competition
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Cultural & Community
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Urban Planning & Masterplanning,
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Sacremento, California
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Project Synopsis

Through the use of landscape relief incisions and uplifts, INCISION initially activates the landscape; thus transforming the Sacramento Capitol Mall into a DYNAMIC PLANE OF SUBTLE STRIATIONS of programmed and un-programmed PUBLIC SPACES, CONTINUOUS PEDESTRIAN CIRCULATION PATHS, WATER CHANNEL FEATURES, AND CIVIC EXPLORATION. Additionally, this theme is applied to a proposed Capitol Mall Visitor Center located between 3rd and 4th Street. The concept behind the Visitor Center uses a similar sculptural incision applied to an iconic built structure that blends interior and exterior space, as well as visually linking itself to the overall Mall aesthetic. By blending landscape and built-form, the visitor is offered a unique experience that encompasses functional programmatic uses and modern landscape spaces.

The final major intervention is the re-visioning of the Western edge of the Capital Mall corridor at the transition zone between Old Sacramento, the I-5, and the Capitol Mall itself. The overall scheme proposes to utilize the Western opportunity sites to create A FOCAL POINT OF PUBLIC INTEREST to balance and link the overall Mall and Sacramento water front. For this focal point the concept introduces an organic land-bridge that connects two topographic parks that provide a new perspective of the Capitol Mall. This land-bridge discreetly crosses the Capitol Mall merge point with a minimal sculptural profile that offers visitors spectacular vistas of the Capitol building, Waterfront, and the surrounding context. By pinching the crossing and using a slim profile landscape bridge, the land-bridge will blend into the context without blocking Mall views of the Capitol or Tower Bridge.

Other strategies being utilized to enhance the overall re-activation of the Capital Mall include REVITALIZING THE URBAN STREETSCAPE along the Capital Mall corridor and INCISION. This is accomplished by reintroducing street-side parking, bike lanes, landscape amenity panels, and other proven urban design elements to improve the density and population usage along the Capitol Mall.

Awards & Honors
Catalyst Capitol Mall Design Competition
Third Place Winner for Urban Incision
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Project Leadership
Manoj Dalaya Principal | Co-President Manoj Dalaya
Tsutomu Ben Kishimoto Principal Tsutomu Ben Kishimoto